Elite Quick Change Capo Matte Purple

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Elite Quick Change Capo Matte Purple


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Made with aircraft quality alloy, making it almost un-breakable while still fitting
comfortably in your hand, our capos suit any electric and acoustic guitars perfectly
without the need to adjust them.

Covered by a high quality silicone cushion, you can rest assured your guitar neck
and strings will be protected and you won’t hear any string buzz or muting.

With its excellent mechanically structured design, changing keys easily with one
hand, and equipped with a special steel spring with stable physical force, makes it
the best choice for a capo with a lifetime warranty.

Aircraft quality alloy.
Strong spring action clamps it firmly in place
Suits electric and acoustic guitars.
Comes in gold, black, brown, silver and bronze colours.
No adjustment needed.
No string muting or buzz.